Friday, November 18, 2011

Facebook: How you open two Facebook account at a time?

Perhaps you have two Facebook account and you want to open them at a time. But there is no option to open two Facebook account at a time. But you may feel necessity to open two Facebook account at a time. You will be able to chat from both two Facebook Accounts at the same time. You will also get the sent messages of your friends on desktop. For example: someone has written hi to you. Then you will get the message in a new op up window. This pop up window will appear over all other window opened on your Desktop. You can also reply with the new pop up window. Don't worry guys, it's so easy. You will also say that yes it is easy just after reading this article. I have my own two Facebook ID. I often keep them open. To do like me, you have to read an article first from here. It will cover detail about the software which one I am using to keep opened my both two Facebook Accounts.
You have to install Nimbuzz to do this. The steps are given below...
01. Download Nimbuzz first of all, if you don't have this Software.
02. Install the Software then.
03. Create a Nimbuzz account at the third step. You have to create new Nimbuzz Account if you don't have an account or if you forget your user name or password.
04. Now sign in to Nimbuzz.
05. Try to connect to Facebook, gmail etc by providing user name/mail ID and the password.
06. Open your another account on any of the Browsers.


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